The idea behind this project

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With a burning desire to see the Word of God spread across the world, we've embarked on a project to penetrate Africa with not only the spoken word, spreading the Good News that Jesus died for our sins and we no longer have to, but also the written word in the form of Bibles.

By sourcing new and old Bibles we are making them available to ministries, churches and the Body of Christ to saturate this continent with the written Word of God.

Using a vast network of people that has been built over the years it is possible to distribute these Bibles not only in Southern Africa, but also into the Eastern and Western African Countries and ultimately into the Northern Regions.

Bible Versions and additions

The demand exists for all kinds of Bibles, study editions, new testaments, standard editions, King James Version, New International Versions, Amplified Versions, English Bibles, Native language Bibles and the list goes on.

Bibles4Africa gives Bibles where the need exists, otherwise sells the Bibles at lowest possible prices. If there is a demand for a specific Bible we will go out and source it at the best price for distribution. The more sponsors we raise, the more Bibles we can give away.

We will take any and all Bibles irrespective of version, translation or edition as we are sure we will find an application for it. We are not limiting God with what He can do and achieve as lives are touched and changed.

Partner with us in spreading the Word of God

There are many ways in which you can participate in this great project. First we covet your prayers for protection, favour and provision.

Secondly you can send us all your old or unused Bibles. It does not matter what their condition or state is. Let us be the judge whether we can use the Bible or not. We have people that can restore and recondition many of the old classics. To get them to us send them to the address under Contact Us.

Thirdly, you can sponsor new Bibles. By contributing to the project in a financial manner you will assist us in acquiring new Bibles and to support the ministry as we go forward distributing the Word of God.